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Lenfest Bookmark-edit-01-01

This is a bookmark design that I created for a contest for the library at my school, Mercersburg Academy.

In the contest I ended up coming in third. Regardless of the place I came in, I pride myself in being the bookmark design that the most people picked up when looking at all three published bookmarks.

I created this bookmark design by first taking a well shot picture of our library at dusk, placing the image into Adobe Photoshop, and eliminating the background, leaving just the library. I then put the edited picture into Adobe Illustrator and used the image trace function to make it into an editable vector image and also to make it look more playful. I made the background gradient look like the dusk sky and matched the window color of the library to the background gradient. Afterwards, I added more detail by including my school logo fading into the sky and the name of the library as a background design element. Finally, to improve my bookmark’s functionality, I added the library times that are not well communicated to the students at my school. I hope you like it!

Click on the image to get a closer and more clear look at my artwork.

Thank you!

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